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Though only 1.1% of the USA population follows Islam, the religion is on the rise. Join me as we hear what two Shia Muslim religious leaders have to tell Americans.
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⁣Kuruluş Osman 81

The BL World
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⁣After a year apart, hopeless romantic, Adam, runs into his ex-boyfriend during a seaside vacation. Thoughtlessly entangling himself in a week-long romance, Adam must decide whether to rekindle their flame or break free from the tumultuous relationship once and for all.

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⁣Reiki teaches you that the things we often perceive or see as weaknesses in our lives are the key to our growth. Contrary to our common view of failures, our failures teach us things that lead us to higher and better levels. We learn incredible and valuable lessons from failures that we might not have otherwise. We can learn so much from failures in our lives. Realize that we are already perfect at everything, in every place and situation. This is what makes us happy. We need to understand that everyone is different and each situation, circumstance, and event in our lives is unique.

Reiki teaches that we must keep our hearts open to all possibilities and take the necessary lessons. It's better to realize this sooner than later because it leads to personal growth that makes us happy and joyful. Learning from life's lessons is essential, as fear, anxiety depression, hopelessness, despair, and frustration can all be found in our lives.

This is what makes a Reiki practitioner a truly gifted individual. Reiki lifts us up and leads us to higher levels and a more meaningful existence. It guides our lives and helps us get to where we need to go. Reiki makes it possible to feel filled with joy, compassion, happiness, and gratitude when you wake up every morning, aware that you are part of a great, wonderful plan.

Lotus Divine
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