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Data Casts Doubt on UK Economy's Rebound | UK Economy's Rebound

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99 Alternatives
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⁣Research carried out by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in London cast doubt on the rebound of the UK economy. The study shows that between July and September, the UK gross domestic product (GDP) grew by an annual average of 2.5% pa compared to the same period last year. This means that though the British economy rebounded, it has not fully recovered and there is still scope for further turbulence. Data casts doubt on UK economic rebound Even if the slowdown was smaller than expected, it was much worse than many economists had expected and many economists believe that it will take time for the British economy to bounce back from the global downturn. In an age where economies are buffeted by changing trends, it is imperative for businesses and households to be prepared for difficult times ahead.

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