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Electromagnetic properties in rudraksha

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⁣Rudraksha has electromagnetic, diamagnetic, paramagnetic and dynamic polarity. It is believed that real beads can change polarity and influence the flow from endocrine glands, which has anti-ageing properties. Studies on the impact of rudraksha on dopamine and serotonin levels found it can regulate the flow of dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is related to actions, restlessness and competitive energies, and serotonin is related to happiness and satisfaction.

For improving cognitive functions
The rudraksha of human nervous system are based on signalling from the brain to the body organs. The disruption of flow of neurons along the spinal cord can alter sensations. If the connectivity in signaling is lost, the person may not fell cold, pain or heat immediately. Alternatives therapies like reiki, herbs, yoga and meditation can help in regulating neuron signaling by promoting relaxation of mind.

Changing Polarity
It is believed that rudraksha can change polarity. It is diamagnetic and acquires temporary magnetic property in the presence of an external magnetic field. The property can help in regulating bioelectricity, which improves the flow of blood in arteries and clears blockages.
It is also helpful in controlling hyperactivity or restlessness or palpitation of heart, especially, in people who suffer from stress. The inductance in the beads creates magnetic properties which can send vibrations that make the mind active. Some beads can send signals to regulate particular chemicals releases by the brain and this can have a positive impact on the personality.

In the religious text, instructions have been given about the way rudraksha should be uses.
The five-faced ones can be worn by anyone above the age of 14 years and two-faced is recommended for marries couples. The six-faced is said to be effective in improving the health of children below 14 years.

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