Merkel, Macron Back Euro Zone Budget but Challenges Ahead

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⁣Merkel, Macron Back Euro Zone Budget but Challenges Ahead⁣

France's newly minted Finance Minister, Merkel, is calling the shots on the euro zone countries that will be either in the "in" or "out" of the common currency for the years to come. Although, she is careful not to lay out the differences too dramatically, stating, "The future belong to the nations that choose to participate in the European Union." The EU members are very alarmed at the prospect of this criticism coming from a government as "progressive" as Germany. Macron has also challenged Europe's creditor nations to ease up with their lending programs for the indebted countries. However, a potential German pullout could spark a domino effect that would cause all of the other EU countries to re-evaluate their relationship with the rest of the world.

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