The science of mantras

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⁣The science and art of mantras

Mantra Jaap uses subtle sonic sounds to generate vibrations, which can be used to break down barriers or empower tissues.

It is believed that ancient Indian Sages were able to achieve supernatural power. To increase concentration power, they meditated on mountains and forests. This helped them to be one with the natural environment.

The science and art of mantras

These techniques were helpful in healing diseases and complex situations. The iconic microenvironment of a neuron was altered during the recitation.

Impact on living organisms

A global study on the effect of mantra on people and plants was conducted. One report shows that it has a positive effect on plant growth.

The sound of sound caused the plants to grow faster than plants. Another study examined water crystals and found that they were able to form predefined patterns when exposed. Vedic texts refer to mantras (in Sanskrit) as the most powerful vibrations. These vibrations can have a strong influence on body tissues.

It had positive ripple effects and helped the consciousness to connect with the cosmic energies. It was capable of activating the energy centers or chakras if it was repeated several times.

Chanting for medical treatments

Epilepsy results in brain damage due to an increase in free radicals. The imbalance between inhibitory and excitatory processes is the basis of an epileptic seizure. It stimulates subtle energies, as well as body chakras.

The universe is like an ocean of waves.

Even our thoughts can cause waves to change our lives. The power generated from the mantra can reach out to the cosmic centers and attract supernatural currents in a proportionate way. All living organisms have the ultimate goal to be one with the supreme consciousness. Pranava, which is a sound-like form of AUM, refers to the fact that it has attained life's goal.

Aum produces natural vibrations and helps the body synchronize to the environment.

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