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Why Is A Reiki Attunement Necessary

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⁣Attunement Master activates one's crowns, hearts, and chakras. He also opens one's third eye and throat chakras, which allow him to channel Reiki. He acts as a link between a disciple and the unending, constant energy of the universal life force. This is a spiritual experience used by the Master to instill Reiki. It is an extremely spiritual experience. This can only be done when the Master decides to initiate one into Reiki. Why is Reiki attunement necessary you need to consider the divine, spiritual nature of Reiki. The Reiki attunement is where the student begins the quest to reach the desired higher level of consciousness. It is actually an internal response to a person's inner voice. This Reiki response is not a random event. It's part of the bigger plan by the universe to take you to a higher state through energy healing. Attunement allows you to tune into the divine energy found in Nature. This will allow you to receive divine light, love, and guidance from a spiritual healing practitioner. Persons who have attunement done are more likely to be able to receive greater and more energy.

The natural centers of energy in the person start vibrating at a higher frequency after the process has been completed. He or she will be more open to eternal messages and more conscious energy levels. This process can be continued for a lifetime and will not lose its effectiveness. It is a true gift that gives love and light to all.

This process is not tiring, as many people think. This is because Reiki has many myths, which are becoming less common with each passing day. It is actually very easy and takes only minutes. Masters are able to perform it with no problem or difficulty. Although they may have different practices, spiritual practitioners and healers can still use them together. They do not harm the disciple. Some healers ask the subject to remove all metal objects from his or their body. This could be jewelry, footwear, or any other metal object. This is not a standard rule in Reiki. Some do it to make sure metals don't interfere with or affect the healing process. Removing or not removing metal objects from your body will not impact the healing process in any manner. This is optional and up to the practitioners or healing experts. Another option is to drink some water after the attunement. Water is believed to be able to eliminate or remove toxins.

Initialization can be done remotely for those who are located far from the healer or remote recipients of Reiki. While there may be slight differences in the procedure, these are not considered to be a hindrance to the Reiki healer channeling the energy.

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