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Different levels of Reiki courses

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⁣Spiritual awareness helps a person to identify what is the best path for their life-which is always there, & it is the most perfect path. Person with attuned energies has power that guides the soul to follow predefined life-plan, and adjust to gain pleasure from the activities. Nature provides opportunities for boundless growth but it requires a lot of concentration and alertness.

Reiki is a sacred practice and those who want to learn it, need to have assenting intention to learn the sacred healing knowledge.

Many who want to learn it, want to gain the joy of identifying how it works. The teacher can encourage students to connect to their power. Reiki can be learned by anyone regardless of their age or state of health but becoming a Master requires a lot of necessary preparation.

The initial levels- Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 requires the student to practice meditation to identify their life purpose. The higher level or the advanced training is taken upon to become a competent guide.

Stage 1- Different courses are offered to practitioners who begin with level1, which, mainly aim to unlock energy channels throughout the body. The stage 1 course is a kind of self-centric practice, which can be adopted for regulating the inner-energies at home.

Stage 2- Stage 2 level of training provides a deeper understanding of the various forms of spiritual and cosmic energies. It provides knowledge which can help the student to provide reiki based therapies to others. It helps in giving distance-reiki treatment where the energies travel beyond time and space.

Master Level- Reiki 3 or the master training refers to the source which provides insight about elevated energy manipulation. It can make a person sense the energies in surroundings, and use it to teach and attune other’s energy chakras. The person who has gained training in the 3rd level can provide professional remote healing. They may or may not be physically present but can send and receive reiki energies anywhere.

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