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Quote Awakening to Authenticity: A Reflection on Spiritual Journey

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Lotus Divine
Lotus Divine
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"Thy says- "I have surrendered to the almighty, then, why so much pain?",
"I am one with the One, then; why is there them and us?"
"I have the knowledge of God, then; why so much indifference?"
"I have realised the One, and live in the One, then, why so much hatred?"
"Everything is yours, then; why so much attachment?"
"You are everything, then why so much desire?"
"Thy is nothing, but dust and ashes, then; why so much pride?"
"Thy realises that thy is nothing, but a hypocrite living his agendas of the mind, and not an awakened spiritual being. Aum Namaha Shivaya." Says Guru Ka Das Walia

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