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⁣Each level of Reiki offers a different experience. You will be able to tap into the infinite and unlimited energy that pervades the universe. You will experience a greater channel of the eternal, healing, and creator energy. Additionally, you will feel more vibrations in your body. You will experience a beautiful, mystical feeling that allows you to see vivid colors and visions from the past. It is accompanied by profound tranquility and joy. It's a rebirth within a birth. It is as if everything is alive, and it feels like time has stopped. It will change the way you view things and give you the ability to see things from a higher level of consciousness.

It is an entirely new sensation, a sense of totality and completeness that you have never experienced before. Everything will be crystal clear and picture-perfect. There will not be any illusions. For a while, some people have experienced feelings of lightheadedness or floating and heightened senses in the crown center.

It is not that attunement doesn't work. It works every time, without fail. It has a 100% success rate every time. The only thing that you must be certain of is that the attunement has been carried over by or performed by a Reiki master. This will allow you to channel the universal and eternal life force energy through your aura and into the client's energy fields or aura.

Many people report the incredible feeling of being transported from one location to another. You will feel energized and have new perspectives. You will see the world in a new way and be free from illusions and confusion. Many have witnessed the presence of angels or divine beings and you will feel a deep peace. You will see people and incidents from all time periods and there will be flashes from many different events. You will feel energized and calm, and you will have a sense of purpose.

Reiki attunement takes you to new heights and brings new feelings and experiences. You will notice a sudden shift in your vision. You will feel more confident, empowered, and energetic. After your training, you will feel more equipped to diagnose the problem and provide a solution.

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